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EP #16: Healdsburg Walking Tour with Linda Cook

June 05, 20231 min read

Linda’s family has lived in Healdsburg for over 52 years. Linda is the recipient of the very first Award of Excellence as a Certified Tourism Ambassador of Sonoma County. An avid historian Linda will guide you through the town of Healdsburg.

You will learn about its rich history, visit historical buildings and meet the people that make this town what it is today. You’ll hear about the best shopping and dining while sampling some local goodies. You will also be a part of a scavenger hunt and and get a chance to visit our local museum. Book a tour today and share the experience that is Healdsburg!

“My main goal in establishing The Healdsburg Walking Tour is to share with you the love I have for my town.”

Healdsburg Walking Tour
(707) 527-2333

10% of all proceeds go to the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society.

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